Didya Know That?

by 2 Lazy Boys

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Michael McMahan
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Michael McMahan Takes me back to my favorite day of 2016. Favorite track: Windowsill.
bob spoer
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bob spoer punk soul music. Punk attitude with a caring heart, and a free spirit So inspirational. Favorite track: Santa Monica.
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released February 10, 2017

Rizzy wrote and sang all these songs while playing a ukulele (little G-tar)

Cole Gates sang a bit too, but also played guitar and wrote the bass lines wasted at 3 am on the spot (big G-tar)

Ian Buddy pressed record a bunch then played piano and slide guitar (sideways G-tar) and hit a boxes n stuff for percussion. His cat, Butt Boogers!!!! helped too.

Back up vocals by the "secret weapon", Hannah J. Knight on "On the Rag" and "Santa Monica" and maybe another one or something.

People trying to get a handle on 8th and Campbell: Jenny, Emily, Emily's tall cousin, HJK, Burnout and even Butt Boogers.

Danielle O'Malley did the album cover and Steve-O did the master tracks.Tape Layout by Brandi Valenza

Didya know that?


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2 Lazy Boys Oakland, California


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Track Name: Windowsill
I been sitting on your windowsill in the daytime
It’s getting colder and I feel a chill in the nighttime
Why won’t you be mine in the daytime
I think it’s the right time
To be mine. Why won’t you be mine?
I was waiting for you when the breeze was cool in the daytime
You only come until the moon is full in the nighttime.
Track Name: Read To Me
Why don’t you read to me?
You know your voice it carries
All across the sea
Like Christopher Columbus
Babe you torture me
Why don’t you pour me a drink?
You know that I can drain it
Like a kitchen sink
I want you to start reading
I don’t have to think anymore
I hope I’m not confusing
I want you to start reading
While I keep on boozin
The seconds you’re not reading
Are the ones we’re loosin
And I could work
The body parts that
You’re not usin
And I’ve got a pile of books a
Haven’t opened any
So just take a look.
If you could just start reading
That’d be off the hook
I hope there was a chance that
You could just start reading
And take off your pants
I’ve got all types of novels
Graphic and romance
So pick that sucker up and
Put me in a trance
Track Name: On The Rag
Cuz I’m on the rag
So don’t fucking talk to me
Cuz its my time
Leave me alone
And I’m feeling bad
And your attitudes not helping
It’s my time
Leave me alone
But thank my stars
This month I’m not getting pregnant
And thank my rocks
I might not have to sleep with you
And thank my socks
This month im not expecting
Butt fuck mother nature
And the painful things you do
Track Name: Happy Times
Waking up, breaking things
While I’m waiting for
My phone to ring
Holding out my thumb might
Have been the luckier thing
To have done
I’m shaking like a leaf
While I’m falling apart
In the street
Can’t afford to feed myself
Destroyed what was left of
My health
Happy Times is where I go
When I’ve got no where
Else to stay
Happy Times is on my mind
While my teeth grind and
Rot away.
Well I’m feeling pretty phony
Pretty lonely sitting with
My one and only
My elbows and my toes and my
Nose are the only things exposed
And every other word
That you heard
Was in the form of a tantrum
And my heart was kickin like a
Kick drum
Happy Times is where I go
When I’ve got no where
Else to stay
Happy Times is where I’m
Buying ancient ages of today
Can we grab a handle?
You know it’s on 8th and Campbell
Can we grab a handle today?
Track Name: Walking
I do a little walking while I sing
There’s no knowing where we’ve been
Baby started talking while I grin
He points out the nearest thing
And I don’t wanna fake it
Me and you could make it
Got no time to take it cuz there’s Nothing to prove
And I don’t wannna lose it
Me and you could use it
Got no time to choose it cus it’s
All about you my dear
I like the nervous feeling that I get
Because I don’t know you yet
You ask a lot of questions that I get
You’re smoking like a cigarette
On my fingers I would chew
Cuz I got a little crush on you
In the morning turning blue
Like the coffee that I brew
Track Name: Santa Monica
Santa Monica
I just turned 14
Might as well be drinking gasoline
Venice Malibu
Sand on the beaches just turning 2 glue
Came out with a brand new drug
I decided to pull the plug
And they said
Oh look what you’ve done
You’ve gone and made a fool of everyone
Sent far away from home
No talkin on the telephone
And when I broke free
New places were waiting for me
I was feeling like a tool
Trying hard just to stay in school
People telling me I couldn’t do it
Thinking all the time
Like I just blew it
When I look ahead I see
Something out there and its just for me
And when I feel like looking back
Glad I never followed a straight track
Because look what I’ve done
And I don’t have to prove to anyone
Cuz I gone and made a fool of everyone
Track Name: I'll Remember You
I’ll remember you
Just like I always do
And you’ll remember me
Just like it used to be
When I saw you at the show
And you said you wanted to go
And take you with me
Were so far apart
Don’t you know it breaks my heart
To see you standing near me
When I close my eyes
I can see you standing in full size
You’re standing near me
Now you’re so far away
You know I think about you
Every single day
And your yelling, you can’t hear me
Track Name: Where Does The Sun Go?
Where does the sun go when he’s shy
Where does he go when he shuts his eye
And passes by falls from the sky
We could be space ships
We could be asteroids when we collide
We’d break apart fall side by side
And rest in space so can we try
Floating with you, dear
We’ll rest upon the nearest star
I hope we stay here don’t do far
Just dreaming for milky way bars
Eat frozen space food
Chocolate ice cream flavored
Freeze dried delights
We sleep with our jet packs on at night
Watching Saturn eclipse
When the positioning right
Were back on earth now
You look much better with your
Helmet off and hugging a spacesuit’s
Not as soft
We glue glow in the dark stars
On your bedroom loft

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